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Everything about ByOn says desirable and enticing. With this in mind humbleness and personality is something we keep close to heart. Because, it feels quite special to be part of someone’s home, to get the opportunity to open up for all kinds of possibilities – and keep them coming …

We want to be part of your everyday, to find and create those moments when a smile is the only solution whatever happens. Why? To simply make any ordinary weekday bubbles without troubles. That’s why! 

ByOn’s core values, the playfulness and the perpetual curiosity, come to life once again in this aspring/summer collection 2018, filled with functional and inspirational home accessories and appealing furniture for your everyday lifestyle.

In a new series of interviews, that we call #bubbleswith, we visit people that we admire and who we think is really good in finding #bubblesforeveryday in their day to day life.

Sophistication Room

You take your first step into the room with the large floor, with the endlessly large windows, where the light never seems to end. The whole of you gets covered with a layer of calmness and alertness at the same time. Walls and furniture follow the same shades, tone-in-tone they take each other’s hands. Every detail is carefully chosen. Linen is blended with details in deep painted porcelain, ceramics and glass. Soft shades of grey and beige are woven together with a palette of green. In places the deep nuance is broken by matt black, perhaps by a lamp or lacquered steel furniture. It’s large round shapes, soft furniture and edges meeting tight and elegant in one, without the least sign of being experienced as messy. There is no predetermined balance, it’s just natural, everything has been given a place here.

Nautical Simplicity

We breathe in spring mixed with salty splashes from the sea and feel sand between our toes. We want to bring it inside, save it in a small jar and put the lid on. We want to have the same peaceful feeling in our home as the waves create when they meet land and when they slowly flow back again. The rock which has been carved by love over thousands of years, getting its unique colour from things collected along the sea shore. Maybe we can take them home as well? Through walls of stone, pigmented ceramics and washed linen we’re spreading the feeling in the home. We blend ground glass with clear glass mirroring on the wall. We let the sand coloured urn take a proud place among the rest of the pots in broken shades of grey. We weave in red into the interior decorations and let the deep blue colour mix with the light wood making you dream yourself away as it creates the will to sneak into every room. It’s modern nautical and stylish, a discriminating theme we wish that will last, perhaps most of all for the calm it conveys.

Green Vacation

The trees become green as the buds flower and warmer winds take us out on to our pergola. We decorate our greenhouse and move more and more things to our outdoor rooms. The feeling of just being gets clearer and spreads in our life. The green and yellow woven together in harmony in our interior design, stands for the lush greenery around us, the peace and the warm rays of the sun. We express our longing for the summer meadows awaiting us. We don’t just decorate the inside of our homes, the outside takes up more space and gets more important in our everyday life. Here we dare to play more with both colours and feelings.

We are not afraid of taking certain liberties. We mix everything from ceramics, earthenware, baskets and wood. The picnic is served in bamboo bowls on blankets in the grass or on tables built of pallets. The vase on the table has the colour of the sun and lights us up from inside out. Leaf-like bowls take up space together with playful fruits and animals finding their way into both serving and decoration. The feeling is maximized with golden details picturing the sand and the glittering stones we use as jewellery, as well as in our interior decorating.