Everything about ByOn says desirable and enticing. With this in mind humbleness and personality is something we keep close to heart. Because, it feels quite special to be part of someone’s home, to get the opportunity to open up for all kinds of possibilities – and keep them coming …

When we set the scene for Momentous Tangibles SS2019, we want to create a home without boundaries or demands, instead a playful, curious and always open-minded home surrounded by everyday luxury.

Every month this year we will give you tips which we think will make life a little bubblier. It can be a recipe, a thought to keep in mind, a song, a game and so forth. The first tip comes from our marketing manager and is a recipe of homemade granola.

Beatrice Lindgren
We did a visit to our Purchase Manager Beatrice Lindgren in Kungsbacka to find out her secret tips for more sparkling everyday.