BUBBLESWITH Beatrice Lindgren

We did a visit to our Purchase Manager Beatrice Lindgren in Kungsbacka to find out her secret tips for more sparkling everyday moments and of course to get some inspiration from her lovely home. We asked her five questions and we believe we got five good answers that really characterizes her. Curious? Read about her answers below.

What does #bubblesforeveryday mean to you?
To me it’s about adding something out of the ordinary. Something new that breaks off the everyday. Otherwise one of the best things I know is to start the day by jumping into the pool, to think about all the good things I have in life and to be extra happy for that. So, take time to meet up with a long-lost friend or drink smoothies out of champagne glasses in the morning, those are a couple of other suggestions.

Which everyday moments make you smile and feel warm at heart?
When me and my family are together, the happiness about my children. That I am fortunate enough to have so many lovely friends around me, every day making me a better version of myself.

What is the most important item you own? And why is it so special?
I have always collected things from places I’ve visited all over the world. Things that later remind me of that particular moment or place. A little like experiencing it all again. But if I have to choose one item it has to be the picture with the whole family’s hands moulded in paint. Something I will always have close to heart.

What are your best tips to get more sparkling everyday moments?
To dare be yourself! I often dress up for everyday occasions and down for parties. And send out a smile because it will be returned to you. Simple and always works.

If you get to choose one smart tip, not too demanding but providing a silver lining, what would that be?
I always serve my food as if it were a party dinner. And preferably use small bowls for sauces and side dishes.

And if you can choose a recipe?
A favourite drink that is easy to make and fantastically tasty is elder and ginger frappé topped with cava, mint leaves and lime.


  • Elder juice
  • Ginger
  • Lemon
  • Agave honey
  • Sparkling wine
  • Mint leaves

Mix concentrated organic elder juice with some water.
Boil ginger, water, lemon and some agave honey, drain and leave it to cool off.
Mix this with the elder juice in a low bowl and put in the freezer. Stir it at equal intervals to make it into a frappé.
Chill the glasses, fill them generously with frappé, cava or alcohol-free bubbly. Squeeze in some lime and top it with some mint. Enjoy it straight away. Yum!

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