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Close to nature and to the seasons, on a car-free island in the Gothenburg archipelago, lives Catarina Skoglund together with her husband and two kids. The house is an archipelago villa from the 1930s and the family moved here three years ago. It was the longing for slow-moving days which made them choose to leave the city stress. A decision they haven’t regretted! Catarina you probably know by the name AnnaCate, when she is inspiring us on a daily basis with pictures from her home on Instagram and her blog at Lantliv. We have asked Catarina what she does to make her everyday a little bubblier.

What does #bubblesforeveryday mean to you?
Living in the present and to make every day special. I really love my home and the moments I like best are when I’m together with my husband and two kids in our house. Spontaneous belly laughs from my children is the best thing I know. As we spend a lot of time at our home I really like to keep it warm and welcoming. Something I often do is immediately tidying up after a meal. To keep the sink and bench clean makes me feel more comfortable. But I don’t mind dust bunnies in the corners or if the place is generally messy.

What everyday moments make you smile and feel warm at heart?
When the sun shines through the windows on a beautiful spring day, or just as well a stormy and rainy autumn evening. I love living close to nature and with the seasons as we do out here in the archipelago. The moments when the kids are together, and I can see their sibling love radiating makes me feel warm at heart. Then I can just sit and watch without them noticing me.

Which is the most momentous tangible you own?
I rarely wear jewelry, except for four rings which mean a lot to me – my engagement ring, wedding ring, my grandmother’s wedding ring and my father’s wedding ring that I got when my parents split up. It feels like I’m always having them near me when I wear those rings.

What are your ”simple” tips to get more sparkling moments during an ordinary day in the middle of the week?
Don’t’ forget to look up at the sky now and then! Spoil yourself with a great dinner and some tasty wine on a normal weekday. Set a lovely table, light lots of candles and have some fabulous music like Billie Holiday or Frank Sinatra in the background. Or treat yourself to some alone time, enjoying a great moment with coffee or such like instead of taking care of that pile of washing or whatever. Pick something nice from nature and put it in a vase on the kitchen bench. During autumn you can find dried flowers or reed for example. Simplicity is a word I often think about. You don’t have to make it so complicated. Chips in a nice bowl can go a long way. For a while, me and my husband used to drink champagne or bubbly on Mondays for example. Shaking up the everyday now and then makes you feel good.

How do you think when you decorate?
The interior decorating can definitely feel fun and eccentric. When I decorate at home I usually think that as long as I am surrounded by things I like they will look fine together.

If you can choose an easy recipe that will make you bubble, what would it be?
Finger food is our favourite at home. Olives, a couple of flavourful cheeses and some tasty fruit bread.  With this I like to serve my own favourite – heart lettuce or gem lettuce as it’s also called, filled with finely chopped tomatoes, olives and coriander that you mix with some black pepper and olive oil.

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