BUBBLESWITH Ewa Pettersson

Ewa is an art director and designer and the face behind ByOn’s graphic profile. She lives in the Astrid-Lindgren-like area Hagen just outside Gothenburg, with her husband and their two kids. In their “Villa Villekulla” house anything can happen. It’s a home full of surprises that will not leave anyone uninspired. We visited her during the first days of the summer holidays to ask her about life and about bubbles. 

What is #bubblesforeveryday to you?
Morning person as I am, I love my lonely mornings while fixing breakfast. I feel an enormous happiness at being able to work with something I love, and I’m fortunate to have close friends in the neighbourhood. A morning jog with the neighbour can lift any day. Lately I have also discovered a completely new love, or should I say passion, for Padel. I totally love this sport, especially now when the heat has just arrived and you can play outdoors : ). To put the kids to bed at night can be the happiest of times but also the most frustrating …

Which are the most momentous tangibles you own? Tell us their story and why they are so special.
Oh, that’s hard! I am in love with every painting we have on the walls. Especially the ones painted by friends of mine. The “cheese doodles” has been painted by my friend Nisse who is a designer I’ve known my whole working life. Both he and the painting are great favourites. I also have a few favourites where me and my family don’t agree upon their tastefulness. I’m lucky to have a studio where I can keep the ones which cannot find a place at home ;). 

When do you enjoy yourself the most – before, during or after the party? And why?
I probably like all parts of a party. But if we have it at home there will be a risk I’m not out of my jeans and T-shirt or have even been able to look for my mascara. Love to have guests and to prepare for that but the best way of seeing people is for me spontaneous, to have friends who just show up and stay late.  

What are your tips to get more sparkling moments on a boring rainy day in the middle of the week?
Have a cosy dinner with the kids in front of a fun movie, if they get to choose it will be ”Sune i fjällen”. When autumn and darkness arrives, light up lots of candles to make a warm feeling. Open up our enormous ”pyssel-cabinet”, love to make clay figures with the kids, spray paint in the garden, if the rain stops for a moment :).

Which combination do you love the most when decorating?
I don’t see myself as someone who’s decorating the home or putting time on it. I think of life in colours and shapes and apply this here at home without really thinking about it. My husband sometimes laughs when rooms are suddenly repainted or things are no longer “in its place”. I don’t see it as I am decorating but more like pottering around sometimes. I really like to avoid trends but that is a challenge to look past and to only stay with your own feeling. Especially nowadays when we are fed from all directions with what’s right and trendy. 

When are you looking at the interior decorating in your own home? How would you describe it?
To create a cosy and personal feeling. 

Tips, thoughts, things or persons which make you bubble?
My children and husband no doubt. There is no one in the world who can make me bubble as much as they can. To wake up to a message from my best friend in Sydney. 

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