Release on December 10th


Astrid Wilson, illustrator and artist, has with her magical patterns, colourful clothing, big details and her humble smile swept us off our feet. We are therefore extra pleased that behind Hidden Capsules AW19 we can introduce an exciting collab with her. Astrid’s feeling for colours and patterns and the combination between them is exactly what #bubblesforeveryday is about: to have the courage to be personal and to go for it. The collection ByON x Astrid Wilson is a tribute to the 90s but also an anticipation of the 2020s. An anticipation that will bring forward a new strength and which is boosting the power in our making a difference together, creating magic and the courage to change the world around us on the inside as well as the outside.  

This collection is energy. It dares to take up space and reminds us of the strength in having the courage to create more joy, more warmth and personal pizazz. Clear contrasts and colour-intense products with undefined shapes is what characterizes the collection which gives us an amazing party feeling every day. It reminds us that we should grab the opportunity to reconsider and enhance that freedom with strong tones and patterns. 

For sure life is so much more glorious in an explosion of colours. Here Astrid has produced patterns which are her spot-on combination of the disco-happy 90s and the new decennium we now move into. Women with clear motives and strong personalities provide the collection with lots of power and a warm feeling filled with grace. 2020s – we’re ready for you!

It dares to take up space and reminds us of  the strength in having the courage to create more joy.

Candle holder Britney
Tinged glass has never been more on point than now, neither the angular and straight shapes of Candle Holder Britney. Add a source of light to pop the shape and colour even more. Small but crisp candle holders in three colours. 

Candle holder Cher
Candle Holder Cher are contrasts in shape and colour. The playful design with a mix of tinged glass bring back memories of the cocktails of the 90’s. At the same time elegant minimalism with traces of modern glass art. CandleHolder Cher is the centre of attention everywhere and comes in three designs and colour combinations. 

Carafe Aqua
In the astonishing emerald green and irregular, playful form, Carafe Aqua truly is eye candy with combined with a clear functionality. The carafe has a natural place at the dinner table as well as at the ball room mingle. A carafe with energetic splendor in the combination of shape and color.

Bowl Lou Benga
Disco meets romance in Bowl Lou Benga. The glass bowl has a classic pattern on a rectangular base. The emerald green tone is deep and energetic, an eye catcher but still modest enough to fit everywhere. The result is really something extra. 

Straws Disco
Regardles of age, it’s still more fun to use a straw. Especially when you know that they are environment friendly and dish washer safe as well. Straw disco are glass-straws in the color of the rainbow. They give us maximum joy and fits adults as well as children. 

Ice cream cup vanilla Ice
The ice cream cup of the 90’s is back and oh how we have missed it. You like everything-the pattern, the beatiful base and the soft waves. A classic from start to finish. The piece you want when starting collecting memories. 

Glass posh spice
Straight forms meet round and tinged glass meet clear. Glass posh spice are beautiful and sassy, soft and playful. A got-to-have glass sticking and blending in at the same time. Serving drinks or desserts-they will be loved and adored in any occasion. 

Plate Robyn
The contrasts give Plate Robyn a rarely seen power. The pattern with big, colorful details on black background is created by Astrid Wilson. Inspired by the 90’s with the electrical fashion, massive hair do’s, oversized jewelry and captivating color scale. 

Plate Elliott
Plate Elliot is a rectangular plate with pattern painted by Astrid Wilson. The contrasts build the base while the colors create the feel. The pattern is inspired by the disco era of the 90’s and strong women that dare to step up and claim the their space. 

Large Plate Venga
A plate with power as well as grace. Pattern painted by Astrid Wilson and the disco fashion with big details and electric colors make a distinct mark. The pattern is somewhat fuzzy but with a closer look you will detect the tribute to the contemporary female personalities. 

Flower Pot Gwen
Astrid Wilson has done it again, an easy going pattern but still powerful and filled with color. Inspired by female personalities with the will and power to make a difference. Flower pot Gwen has a warm and graceful vibe- a pot for every power lady out there. 

Vase Madonna
A sunset captured in a vase. Vase Madonna really live up to both hype and name, as a beautiful painting or sculpture it really make its mark. It reminds us of the eternal light of the sun, even when it can not be seen. Vase Madonna wants to encourage and empower us, a maximal boost heading in to a new decade. 

Poster Wannabee, S och L
Poster Wannabee is inspired by the sisterhood. Brave and inspiring women who are strong together. The colors are, as in all Astrid Wilson’s designs, full of color and joy. A cocky poster that you like to keep your eyes on, and the more you watch the more stories you can discern.

Poster Macarena och Queen
Posters as a wall piece are one thing, but combined with a story it creates dynamism and depth. Macarena and Queen are wing womens, phenomenal women who do not apologize for themselves. They have let their difficulties and ”nay sayers” motivate them to create a better world for everyone else. Strong they stand up for themselves and those around them. Exactly what 2020 will inspire us to! 

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