Light up

Did you know that light affects your mood and quality of living. This is our best how-to’s for illuminate a joyful home. 

  1. Mix it up for a vivid atmosphere. Blend focused and diffuse light sources. It will provide the room with a joyful shadow play.
  2. Run wild with lamps – a livingroom needs at least 5-10 light sources to feel welcoming.
  3. Highlight dark corners for a playful effect and discover new favorite nooks on the way. Bye, bye boring corners.
  4. Place a lamp on the floor, nearby a sofa or a group of lounge chairs. The feeling of togetherness will be increased.
  5. Dare to choose lamps with strong character and shape. Let the design be your source of energy.
  6. Be versatile! Update color accessories and bulb designs by mood and season. Let the small details light up your everyday.
  7. Mirrors are home enhancers. Combined with light they’ll work as masterful eye-catchers in any room.
  8. Creativity needs function. Use lamps that can be directed for a happy work situation.
  9. For a cozy feeling – always use warm white light sources. Nothing else is needed.
  10. Always have fun while illuminating your home. Mix styles, try new things and follow your heart. It’s the best tip ever.

Here you can find our lamps:

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