Sara Wernerby is the girl who grew up in the woods and now lives in the heart of Gothenburg, Sweden. Somewhere the longing for the countryside still remains and it’s also from there, in combination with training, that she draws new energy. Her apartment is a 52 square metre splash of colours – we find a green hallway, a pink living room and a light purple ceiling. In that area training gear coexists with personal heirlooms and designer tangibles. It’s a warm and personal home. Sara works as marketing manager at On Interiör and we have had a chat with her about how she creates more bubbly moments.  

Which everyday moments make you smile and feel warmth?
Actually, it’s quite a lot. I try to collect as many smiles as possible every day. More specifically I think it’s the small things which make me smile the most, an unexpected text message, a spontaneous dance in the hallway, jogging in nature. My greatest interest (in life perhaps?) is training, so if we talk about a specific moment it’s most likely a long workout on a Saturday morning or a few extra hours on the bike where body and mind are on exactly the same level. 

Which are the most momentous tangibles you own? Tell us their story and why they are so special. I have asked a number of people the same question by now, and still wonder what it would be for me. Earlier it was a necklace with a heart I’ve got from my grandmother, that she had got from my grandfather when she turned 18, but unfortunately I lost it last year. As my grandmother has always been my biggest role model it has to be something else that reminds me of her, her strength and her view on life. At home we have a horse in white stone that lacks a hoof and an ear, which also comes from her. It has been travelling with me ever since I moved from home. In the kitchen I also have a painting of one of my dad’s favourite places. It’s not really the painting itself which is important but more that it reminds me of him every day. And most of all that life should be lived to the full each and every minute. It should not be wasted or taken too seriously. 

When do you enjoy yourself the most – before, during or after the party? And why?
Definitely before. I am quite reserved privately, at least in larger groups and no doubt I do not take up so much space. It’s probably not because I’m shy, more that I don’t feel the need to be in the centre. I like to be a spectator. But I love to have a party, I like to prepare and arrange every least detail. To cook with a glass of champagne in my hand and at the same time make myself ready with great music in the background. This can be one of the best moments. But when the clock hits 11 pm, I will probably have sneaked away and fallen asleep to the sound of voices. Perhaps not my strong point, but I love that most of my friends know that this is the way it is. And surely it is as lovely to be allowed to decide when you want to go to bed as it is to stay up late. 

Which are your tips to get more sparkling moments a boring rainy day in the middle of the week?
Play games, train together, do the things on a Tuesday you normally would have done on the weekend and vice versa. I especially like cooking festive food when it is the least expected. Like Moules Frites on a rainy Wednesday. Can’t think of anything better. I also really like to have breakfast in bed on the days I’m not training before work. I set the clock a little earlier to get a while longer under the duvet and to have my favourite breakfast. Often the same thing every day, a smoothie and granola. In my opinion this is a great moment to spend with yourself and to prepare yourself mentally for the day. 

What combination do you love the most when decorating?I would say I don’t do much decoration at all. I’m probably a little like “the shoemaker’s kid”. I don’t have the time for or give priority to this when I have time off. But I love colour and think personal things should have their space without having any particular trend taking over. But I do get inspired by homes and architecture totally reversed from my own. Stylish, clean and minimalistic. However, I always want my home filled with colours. 

When are you looking at the interior decorating in your own home, how would you describe it?
Not so thought-through, but highly personal and most of all warm. 

Tips, thoughts, things or persons which make you bubble?
Learning something new! As an adult it sometimes feels like everything is familiar ground, but nothing is as titillating as learning something you never imagined you could do. Take a crawling class, start bicycling, apply to a pottery course. I promise this will make anyone bubble like a kid. 

Get yourself a “kick arse” person. If you don’t have a coaching-type friend/partner, get one. Nobody can make me as happy or challenge my weaknesses as much as my closest friends. To do something new together is therefore a super suggestion. 

I continue with my edible tips, as it’s those which often get me going (or not). This smoothie for example is so magically tasteful that you will get the energy to do basically anything afterwards. 

  • Beetroot 
  • Ginger
  • Squeezed orange (or orange juice)
  • Banana
  • Frozen raspberries
  • Almond milk
  • Eggs
  • Honey
  • Coconut fat
  • Use Greek yoghurt if you prefer a thicker texture. Top it up with roasted nuts or granola. 
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