BUBBLESWITH Victoria Holmgren

In a new series of interviews, that we call #bubbleswith, we visit people that we admire and who we think is really good in finding #bubblesforeveryday in their day to day life. First up is Victoria Holmgren (http://lovelylife.se/viktoriaholmgren) from Umeå in Sweden. We asked her some question about just that, the bubbles in her life.

  • Which everyday moments make you smile and feel warm inside?

It’s the moments with my children, of course! Their curiosity and questions about everything and nothing, when they show their love for us, for others and for each other. So genuine. No prejudice, no evil, believing in themselves. It is so beautiful it makes your eyes water! 

  • What is the most precious thing you own? And why is it special?

I dare say it’s my wedding ring! Not because it has been given to me by my husband (ha, ha), I have in fact inherited it from my maternal grandmother who died from cancer when I was 14.  She was very important to me, and the that ring is a constant reminder of my love for her. It had been left in a drawer for a long time because it was too big, so when we decided to get married it was obvious to me that was the ring I wanted. It was also a perfect match to the engagement ring, and it is so beautiful.

  • When do you enjoy yourself the most, before, during or after the party?  And why?

I love mingling and prepartying, you have time for mixing with and talking to people, in a wonderful way. When the party gets going, there will often be more people and noise, and let’s not mention the day after (ha, ha).

  • Who or what is your #bubblesforeveryday?

To be honest I have several whos and whats. I love your idea about bubbles for everyday, for that is precisely the way I try to live. You should celebrate what can be celebrated, enjoy the now, take time to do what you like! Lay a beautiful table on a Monday just because you can. My friends are my bubbles, to squeeze in some time with a friend and switch off everything else for a while. And my job is the best bubbles you can have! To be allowed to work with what I love and burn for, time for rest and relaxation (read free breaks, ha, ha), and where Sunday anxiety is only a memory.

  • What are your best tips for more glittering moments on a dreary rainy day in the middle of the week?

To allow yourself a small pause from everything. Buy some good food, lay a nice table, or just take a break and do something you enjoy. In my case it could be repainting a piece of furniture, watching a film, or eating popcorn with the kids in the middle of the day. Something that feels ”exceptional”, and lighting a candle for breakfast could be enough!

  • Contrasts in interior design often make us react. Which is your favourite contrast?

I love the contrast between new and old, stylish or a little rough. I think so much space is created by personal design, also when using old furniture and old things.

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